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Lorado Evaporated Milk


Lorado, a German brand name that stands for premium quality dairy products. For more than 30 years our products have been known for its high quality and under this brand name you will find a wide range of dairy products existing all over the world. Lorado evaporated milk is a German quality evaporated milk made from fresh milk. The following factors make LORADO superior to others.

Lorado Evaporated Milk

Lorado Evaporated Milk  is a German Premium Quality Evaporated Milk Made From Fresh Milk. In many countries, world wide LORADO are well known for more than 30 years. The following factors make Lorado different from others.

  • German Premium Quality . German Products are always knows for its quality so as the case of Lorado.  Lorado is manufactured in Germany and its well known for highest quality and competitive prices. Quality is regularly controlled by the official veterinarian authorities as well as confirming to EU standards. additionally products are being voluntarily examined in its own laboratories which are equipped as per the most modern standard

  • Made from Fresh Milk: Lorado Evaporated Milk is guaranteed to be pure cow’s milk, with part of the water removed by evaporation. It is pasteurized, homogenized (Crushing of the fat balls or spreading of the fat in the milk, so fat doesn’t cream up) and sterilized (ensuring no germs in the products).  

  • No artificial or vegetable fat content:  Unlike many  others competing brands which are either Recombined Or  Filled  Milk** with vegetable Fat,  Lorado Evaporated milk is Made from fresh milk, containing natural butterfat  8.1%. Moreover the cows are feeding on "real"  pastures.

Lorado gives a Creamy, delicious flavor when used in coffee, tea and cocoa. Use it in place of cream on cereals, fruits and desserts. Milk puddings better when Lorado Milk is used. Mix with Water as desired. Lorado Milk contains not less than 800 International Units of Vitamin D per quart providing 400 international Units per quart when mixed with an equal volume of water. Lorado evaporated Milk  can be mixed with an equal amount of  pure cold water will make full cream milk richer than the usual fresh milk.

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